Discover Sainte-Marie- de-Ré, a Ré typical town …

Carte de l'Ile de Ré situant le village de Sainte MarieYou can’t help discovering Sainte-Marie on the south coast of the île de Ré for its church spire is even visible from the bridge.

With its 3 100 inhabitants, Sainte-Marie has kept its genuine character. It is a delightful rural village by the sea with its vineyards and “écluses” (mediaeval fish locks) along its coast.

Sainte-Marie-de-Ré, a typical Ile de Ré village.

Through its alleys, walking, cycling or even strolling between old houses and dry-stone walls you come to the Atlantic Ocean. Sportsmen will love the excellent surfing at Les Grenettes too.

Grown-ups and children; there is something for everyone here whether cultural, sporting or plain relaxation.

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A town where life is good …

As a touristic center the town of Sainte Marie de Ré has also received the national recognition « Station de Tourisme  » since 2009.

The wild natural quality of Sainte-Marie-de-Ré is recognized by being part of the sought-after label of “Station Verte” since 2002 and « Village Etoilé » since 2013 !

Holidays for everyone …Tourisme et handicap

The Sainte-Marie-de-Ré Tourist Information Cente has been labeled Tourism and Handicap in January 2012 for four types of disabilities : auditory, visual, mental and motor.

Indeed, the Tourist Office has implemented a number of measures to promote access for persons with disabilities: magnetic loop, braille, enlarged door, large print …

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