sea and beaches in re island

The beaches of Sainte Marie de Ré


bathing , surfing, coastal walks, relaxation, Sainte Marie has them all. However, high tide is the best moment to swim to ensure deep water. Those who like surfing will appreciate the “international” waves in Les Grenettes.

Dogs and horses are forbidden on the beaches from april the 1st to september the 30th, and all the year for power-driven machines..

surf on the atlantic sea on re island on the grenttes spot

Tide timetable is available at the Tourist Information Center.

Fish Locks on foreshores in atlantic sea on re island

The foreshore is a littoral band which in the course of tides, is discovered and covered by the ocean.

It is an alive middle which welcomes a large number of species (marine species, vegetables, birds) which constitute, along the bank, a rich but very fragile space…

Fishes Locks :

Vue de la plage d'une écluse à poissons

Locks a curious ancient technique used to trap fish within dry stone walls built in the form of a horse’s hoof. The fish come in at high tide but have no way to escape once the tide is out.

Of the 140 which existed at the end of the 19th century, only 14 (of which 8 are on the coast of Sainte Marie) remain. This fragile constructions require special know how and endless hours of work. This marvelous work is undertaken by a dedicated association (ADEPIR).

It is forbidden to walk and to go fishing there.

To learn more about the secrets of the foreshore, themed visits are available:

* guided tour to discover the foreshore,
* tour of a fish lock,
* unusual trip to discover the treasures washed up on the beach and the secrets of the inhabitants of sand and rocks at low tide (in season only).

« L’A.N.C.R.E Maritaise » :

L’A.N.C.R.E Maritaise sugest you naturalistic releases, fishes locks visits, interactive animations, raising sensitization to the fishing from the shore and educational activities …

Releases proposed all year round.
Detailed program available at the « ANCRE Maritaise » and at the touristic information center.

Information and reservations :
A.N.C.R.E (from April the 1st to October 30th) : +33 (0)
or at +33 (0) (off summer season).
E-Mail : or at
Web Site :

« L’estran Animé » :

Logo de l'Estran animé qui propose des sorties et visites à la découverte de l'océan et du littoral sur l'Ile de Ré
Saphia, an enthusiast of the seaside sugest you visits about 2 hours.
Program: Awareness shellfish, respect of coastal areas, exploring the foreshore, landscape reading, marine fauna and flora …

Indispensable: Safety for all shoes.

Contact Saphia (or tourist information center!) for hours and details of outings!
Outputs every day throughout the year depending on the tides.
Rates: adulte 15€ / Child 12-18yrs : 10€ / 6-11yrs : 5€

Information and reservation (required) :
Phone : +33 (0)
E-Mail :
Web Site :

Fishermen in feet… Be careful!