Why to choose a classified furnished flat?

The furnished flats of tourism are classified in prefecture for 5 years. Flats are classified from 1 to 5 stars, and each of these categories guarantees you a service offer which corresponds to its classification.

The furnished flats of tourism are reliable and sure because these accommodations are necessarily declared in city hall, put rented with full transparency, and are regularly controlled. The description of the accommodation corresponds to the reality : no unpleasant surprise! It is a quality guarantee because these accommodations are estimated by professionals, according to legal national criteria which meet the requirements and in customer expectations. Your requirements evolved the criteria of classification also!

The choice of a classified accommodation also leads the insurance of a good value for money and the possibility of paying your stay with holiday vouchers. Your host knows how to welcome you because by deciding  » to make classify  » his accommodation,  the owner makes a commitment to assure  you a quality service,  from your arrival. A single objective  : that your stay is made a success !

Good Holiday !